Storage Vendor Selection: Key to Planning for the Inevitable

Storage Vendor Selection Key to Planning for the Inevitable

Planning for infrastructure outages and disaster recovery is an unfortunate yet crucial reality for IT professionals.

All this planning is useful when the inevitable happens. 451 Research recently surveyed IT professionals in the 451 Alliance and found that one-third had experienced some form of infrastructure outage or degradation within the past 12 months.

has your organization had an infrastructure outage in the last 12 months?

Does Size Matter?

In this case – it does! Larger organizations in the 451 Alliance were more likely to report an infrastructure outage or degradation than small organizations.

24% of organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees had reported an infrastructure outage or degradation in the past 12 months; while 41% of organizations with more than 1,000 employees had reported an infrastructure outage or degradation in the past 12 months.

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Responding to Infrastructure Service Outages

When infrastructure outages or degradation happens, how do organizations respond?

51% of organizations within the 451 Alliance had their storage vendor resolve the infrastructure outage or degradation incident, while 32% collaborated with other vendors. Notably, in nearly 8% of cases, the storage vendor themselves had denied responsibility for the incident.

These percentages portray an important lesson to be learned: your choice of storage vendor could directly impact your organization’s ability to respond to the inevitable infrastructure outage or degradation.

Storage vendor response to infrastructure outage

Key Drivers When Selecting a Storage Vendor

As could be imagined, infrastructure outages that involve critical data or assets can be huge headaches both operationally and financially. When the inevitable occurs, the responsiveness (or lack of, for that matter) of a storage vendor plays a determinant role when it comes time for an organization to renew.

In order to provide multiple levels of support and prevention, primary storage vendors are continuously placing emphasis on facilitating hybrid cloud use.

However, not all organizations have adopted public cloud technology. 451 Alliance IT professionals find that customer service and support take precedence over multiple platform options when selecting a storage vendor.

which of the following attributes is most important for selecting vendor of primary storage?

The impact of infrastructure outages can be extremely costly for organizations, resulting in underscoring the importance of vendor selection. Both resiliency of vendor offerings and customer support for organizations responding to service outages are key to planning for the inevitable.

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