What Do You Get Out of Joining an IT Think Tank?

As the premier IT think tank, the 451 Alliance is uniquely positioned to track changes in tech. Our members come from all over the world across industries like high tech, B2B services, finance, retail, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing – to name a few.

Members participate in the think tank by sharing their insights in the form of surveys or interviews. But what do they get in return?

We asked our members what they get out of their 451 Alliance membership. Here’s what they said.

How Members Use 451 Alliance Content

The benefit most members cited as their favorite was the weekly research reports, delivered via email and available on the members-only website for future reference. These reports extrapolate insights from member survey data and span topics like infosecurity, cloud, servers and IT infrastructure, data storage, IoT, AI/ML, data analytics, IT spending, and consumer technology trends.

Members use the weekly reports in the following ways:

How do you use 451 Alliance research reports?

Reviews from 451 Alliance Members

Hear real feedback from our members (anonymized to protect their privacy):

I have stayed with 451 Alliance because it is THE practitioner/customer-based, crowd-sourced voice. Well done and thank you!
I find report content is timely, often insightful and easy to consume.
The content from your newsletters is helpful for our marketing team to understand industry trends.
I have been a 451 Alliance member for a while now and can say I have enjoyed it. It has been enlightening and educational.
Always enjoyed your newsletters and reports. Great information.
The reports are useful, even at first glance, and are well-written.
I feel your reporting is well done with sufficient graphs and charts to backup your analysis. Also they are written in a size that I can read without taking too much time out of my day.
I like being part of the community and receiving the survey responses.
I have been very pleased to participate and found the research results very helpful
The 451 Alliance provides an easy, reliable source of information I can draw upon.

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