WEBINAR: The Future of Work: Implications for Technology Leaders

The Future of Work: Implications for Technology Leaders

Join us at the upcoming 451 Alliance webinar, The Future of Work: Implications for Technology Leaders, on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm EDT.

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Webinar Details

In recent years, the workforce’s productivity, collaboration and engagement experience has grown as a transformation priority. Business and technology leaders are realizing the negative operational impacts of siloed applications and the lack of ways for non-technical employees to optimize workflows and digital experiences. 

The pandemic-induced shift to a hybrid working model has added an additional layer of complexity. As a result, we are at a tipping point in how businesses think about workforce productivity. 

The 451 Alliance has been collecting data from employees, technology buyers and HR professionals on this matter. In this webinar, 451 Research Principal Analyst Chris Marsh condenses the key high-level insights that point to the way forward. 

 Topics covered: 

  • Changes in workplace technology strategies 
  • Spending across technology categories 
  • The emergence of new operational cultures 
  • The evolving role of HR in workforce productivity 
  • A new approach to team collaboration

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