WEBINAR: How Cloud Native Is Enabling the Next Generation of DevOps

How Cloud Native Is Enabling the Next Generation of DevOps

Join us at the upcoming 451 Alliance webinar, How Cloud Native Is Enabling the Next Generation of DevOps on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 from 2 pm – 3 pm EST.

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Webinar Details

Cloud native, which includes containers, microservices, Kubernetes and serverless technology, is intimately related to DevOps.

DevOps has been present in the enterprise for more than a decade. It has evolved beyond faster releases and efficiency to encompass organizational agility and digital transformation. Cloud native has been in the enterprise about half as long as DevOps, but is already critical to IT effectiveness.

Cloud native and DevOps work in concert to enable IT teams to respond to changes, whether it’s emerging technology, security issues or a global pandemic.

In this webinar, 451 Research Analysts Jay Lyman and Jean Atelsek will discuss the relationship between the two, why it’s primarily DevOps teams that are leveraging cloud-native approaches for enterprise organizations, and what the future holds for both trends as they evolve together.

Topics include:

  • Adoption of DevOps and cloud-native technology
  • The matchup of types of DevOps and cloud-native applications
  • DevOps challenges and cloud-native benefits
  • Security in DevOps
  • Top desired outcome of DevOps

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