Special Report: AI and ML Drive IT – and Autonomous Vehicles

autonomous vehicles

The 451 Alliance recently surveyed IT professionals to gain insight on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – a subset of AI that enables computers to learn without being programmed. We polled our IT think tank on their perceptions and predictions for AI/ML and their rapidly evolving applications, as well as their views on autonomous vehicles.

The results are in the newly published report, AI and ML Drive IT – and Autonomous Vehicles.

Findings include:

  • Although adoption of ML is still in its infancy, a few industries stand out in terms of deployment or development, including B2B software and IT/computer services and telecommunications.
  • Despite the hype, most IT professionals do not expect autonomous vehicles to become available for consumers to purchase in the near future.
  • One-third of the participants said they expect self-driving cars to become available in three to five years and 22% in more than five years.

The full report takes a deeper dive into AI/ML deployment plans, brand recognition, and impact on the participants’ industries, plus safety concerns and purchasing intentions for autonomous vehicles.

Click the image below to download your copy of the report:

AI and ML Drive IT – and Autonomous Vehicles