WEBINAR: How is Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Evolving?

Insights from the 451 Alliance: How is Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Evolving?

451 Alliance members are invited to attend our upcoming webinar, How is Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Evolving? on Tuesday, September 18, from 110:30am-12:30pm ET. Attendance is free for Alliance members, and a recording will be provided for all registrants.

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Webinar Details

Enterprise deployments of IoT are accelerating, but so are the IT, OT (operational) and business decisions that drive them.

Organizations today must determine what IoT use cases can deliver real business value; how best to organize their teams to deliver those capabilities; and the right technology and infrastructure approach to fully support them.

Join Rich Karpinski, Research Director at 451 Research, as he examines these questions and provides insights from 451 Alliance’s Internet of Things (IoT), a comprehensive quarterly study of more than a thousand of your peers worldwide to uncover the promise and reality of enterprise IoT.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • IoT use case adoption by vertical, from both IT and OT respondents
  • IoT workloads execution venue trends: edge, near-edge, cloud, including by use case
  • The evolution of the IoT Intelligent Edge
  • IoT driver, budget and ROI trends -IoT skills, hiring and organizational impact issues


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