A Technology Valentine: 10 Things to Love about IT

Over the years, during our 451 Research in-depth interviews, we’ve heard many IT professionals express their affection for all kinds of things technological – like a ‘solves my problem’ software package, a rock-solid piece of hardware, an outstanding provider, etc.

But reading between the lines, we’ve also identified a handful of overarching themes of things beloved in the IT world. In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing. Feel the love!

valentine heart

  1. Great vendors – Vendors who go the extra mile. Supportive partners. Treasure them.
  2. Reliable hardware – Who doesn’t love hardware that is truly ‘set it and forget it.’ Machines that just run, super reliable, no down time.
  3. Early adopters – The pioneers, the bleeding edgers, the ones who want to be first, they’re the hundreds of other users who run new products or install updates before you – so most of the bugs and glitches should be gone by the time you implement.
  4. Executives that ‘get’ IT – Ah, the value of management that truly appreciates IT. Not just cloud because it’s cool, or more security because the board is scared, but a genuine understanding and respect for the value of the technology discipline.
  5. Remote productivity – Advances in technology have enabled so many IT workers to be remote yet still productive, whether they use laptop, phone, tablet, whatever. Nobody misses being dragged out in the middle of the night for a trek to the office to fix an emergency IT problem.
  6. Users – Yes, they’re vexing and so often go or click where they shouldn’t. But without them, think how many less IT workers would be employed, how many security products and safeguards would be extinct.
  7. Mobile devices – Smart phones and more have brought so many new ways to reach customers. Not only are IT folks benefitting from the convenience, those devices are keeping developers busy writing apps and re-formatting interfaces to be mobile-friendly.
  8. The cloud – Certainly cloud is enabling massive digital transformation, but as a bonus it has provided a whole new play space for IT pros.
  9. Hackers – Yes, their attacks can be harmful or even deadly, but as the fear level rises, so the security levels ratchet up. That brings money for technology, which can also benefit other efforts beyond the value to security. Scary audit findings can be good fundraisers.
  10. The IT community– So many problems are solved, so many questions are answered by consulting on-line user forums. The open cooperation of IT pros can obviate a painful journey through the multiple levels of vendor support. No tickets, no phone calls, just online answers
  11. from colleagues who have already solved your problem.


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