[VIDEO] What is the 451 Alliance?

What is the 451 Alliance, in a nutshell?

This 1-minute video explains, featuring the vocal talent of Principal Research Analyst at 451 Research & host of the podcast Next in Tech, Eric Hanselman.

Video Transcript

Your business will always face tough questions: Are we leveraging technology to our advantage? Do we have the appropriate resources? Are we falling behind our competition? How can we stand out?

Let’s help you answer those questions together.

When you join the 451 Alliance, you tap into a global network of IT and business professionals who are seeking answers, too.

Members contribute to our shared understanding of business and tech trends by spending a few minutes a month taking online surveys.

451 Research analysts aggregate and interpret anonymized data to produce actionable insights that are delivered back to members via live webinars and weekly research reports and newsletters.

You can use that research to inform your business strategy, benchmark against peers, and advocate for change.

Are you ready to harness the collective wisdom of an IT & business think tank?

Apply for free membership in the 451 Alliance today.